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Our Megan

Hi everyone! Finally we make a photo of our 15 months old Megan! We're very happy and proud of her, because she's amazing for us and really special girl! Great member of our family and our staffy gang, love her so much!


Happy Day for our Megan - National Dog Show Klatovy

Really incredible day and start to show season for our young 14 months old female Megan !

Grinning Devils Thaleia Brave Storm: Youth class

Excellent 1, CAJC
res. Junior BEST IN GROUP

We are very very happy and proud of her! Many thanks to judges who have thought so highly of our beloved Megan and breeders Tibor & Anikó Szabó for her !!

Judges: Ladislav Frnčo, Vladimíra Tichá
Photo by: Michaela Donev and ČMKU ! Many thanks


Cute Megan

We are the proud owners of our youngest wife in our employee gang - Megan!
She is an incredible woman smiling every day and every moment. We love her "happy mind".


Our youngest hope Megan

Megan is growing into beauty for us at the age of 11 months only and we are very happy for that. She is exactly the female we wanted in our kennel. We are very happy that we did not rush the selection of the female and waited for the planned litter with our Hungarian friends Anikó and Tibor ( kennel Grinning Devils). Megan has absolutely everything you can expect from a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We love her spirited nature and beautiful head. And not only that! Megan is still in a good mood, always ready to play, run around the garden with her friend Lyra, or to do something wrong. She simply enjoys every moment, when she can do something. She is very nice, playful and friendly, yet she does not deny her temperament and terrier nature. We really appreciate her enthusiasm for everything new, it is one of the qualities that we are very happy to see in the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We hope that she will still make us as happy as now and we are already looking forward to what a young lady she will be in future.


Jimmy - Czech legend !!!

Our two boys already have their STUD DOG leaflet, so we can't forget about our last champignon, ups sorry the champion. Although it is not a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, it is still a Terrier and belongs to our family! Let me introduce our Jimmy new STUD DOG leaflet! And again in cooperation with our very good friend Anastasia Priest ( Kennel Cherokee Legend). Many thanks Anastasia!


Mr. Awesome Kofola !!

Even our second, equally amazing dog for us, cannot be left behind. Let me introduce a new
STUD DOG leaflet of our Mr. Kofola! And again in cooperation with our very good friend
Anastasia Priest ( Kennel Cherokee Legend). Many thanks Anastasia!


Our proud handsome boy !

In today's difficult time, when all dog shows were stopped, we decided to make a new, updated
STUD DOG leaflet of our Hugo !
In cooperation with our friend and breeder, Anastasia Priest (kennel Cherokee Legend), was created this beautiful leaflet, for which she deserves a big thank you ! We are rightly proud of our Hugo !
He's our darling !



After a long searching, let me introduce the planned mating of our "Letty" Are You Ready For Me SG with a purely english dog, which has not yet mated in the Czech Republic, the fantastic "Coe"
Tillcarr Fire Coanda !!! Many thanks to the breeder and owner Karen Johnson, kennel Tillcarr, for this opportunity to have a mating with this amazing dog !!! We are very happy and proud of this mating !!!
Perfect graphics are prepared for us by Mrs. Eva Černohubová, who deserves a big thank you !!!


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